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What is Babusiya: Introduction and Niche Overview

Babusiya is the Best B2B Business Networking Platform, Here, you can list your business for enhanced visibility, create business or personal profiles to connect with like-minded individuals, and showcase your products and services.

Establishing a unique brand identity from the outset and garnering attention in today’s competitive digital landscape is both challenging and essential. Babusiya plays a crucial role in assisting businesses with this task.

Our platform is robustly designed to support small businesses in seamlessly launching and attaining sales leads right from the initial stages.

We provide a range of features aimed at driving business growth.

  • Business Listing
  • Sponsor Listing
  • Business Profile
  • Personal Profile
  • Business Networking
  • Social Sharing
  • Babusiya Live
  • Buy Leads & Post Leads
  • Digital Babusiya

Now Let’s see one by one feature and how these features can help your business grow in this digital world.

1. Babusiya Business Listing (BBL):

Babusiya Business Listing (BBL) is a tool businesses can employ to amplify their visibility. Through this listing, you can furnish extensive details about your brand, products, and services. This resource empowers users to effortlessly locate your business on Google, access your company information, and directly engage with your company for its products or services.

Babusiya Business Listing

2. Babusiya Sponsor Listing (BSL):

When you create a business listing on Babusiya and desire immediate results, consider utilizing our Sponsor Listing feature. With the Sponsor Listing, businesses can secure the top spot on the listing, where the majority of visitors tend to click and engage.

Babusiya Sponsor Listing

3. Babusiya Business Profile (BBP)

If you wish to create a business listing on the Babusiya portal, the first step is to establish a Babusiya business profile. To create your Babusiya business profile, visit and explore the account creation option. You can sign up using your Gmail, Facebook, or LinkedIn account, or directly through your phone number. Feel free to check it out and give it a try yourself.

Babusiya Profile

4. Babusiya Personal Profile (BPP)

If you’re an individual or a professional seeking to connect with others in your industry or with companies, you can create a Babusiya Personal Profile. To do so, follow the same steps as you would for a Babusiya Business Profile. Visit and proceed with the steps provided to create your Babusiya Personal Profile.

Babusiya Profile

5. Babusiya Business Networking (BBN):

Babusiya stands out as one of the premier business networking platforms in India. It offers a unique opportunity for companies, individuals, and professionals to connect, fostering mutual growth. Here, these entities cultivate their profiles, leveraging mutual support to advance. Companies can discover skilled professionals to benefit their organization, while professionals can seek reputable and promising companies to further their career growth.

6. Babusiya Social Sharing (BSS):

Babusiya isn’t just a platform to create your profile and forget about it. It features its own social sharing platform where companies, individuals, and professionals showcase their products, best works, and skills to attract like-minded individuals. Instead of creating a profile and leaving it idle, engage with others, and attract them for collaborative growth.

Babusiya Social Sharing

7. Babusiya Live (BL):

Babusiya LIVE is an exceptional feature offered within the Babusiya Portal. While many B2B portals offer social sharing options only, Babusiya also comes with LIVE features, enabling direct connections with your interested audience regarding your products and services, which are relatively rare.

Although this feature is not live yet, our existing customers eagerly anticipate its launch, and we’re in the planning phase to introduce it very SOON.

Babusiya Live

8. Babusiya Buy Leads & Post Leads (BabusiyaBLPL):

Leads are the fuel for any business, and Babusiya understands this well. That’s why Babusiya integrates a feature where businesses can directly purchase leads according to their specific requirements. Additionally, individuals and companies can post their requirements (leads) without the need to search for companies. Users can simply access the ‘Post Requirements’ section, and submit their needs, and relevant companies or businesses will directly contact them.

Babusiya Buy Leads and Sell Leads

9. Digital Babusiya:

In addition to the valuable features on the Babusiya Portal for businesses, Babusiya also offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions. Businesses aiming for exponential growth in the online space can access digital marketing services through Babusiya using the provided contact details.

  • Whatsapp: +916292111100
  • Phone No. +919830231206 , +919990673672
  • Email ID.
Babusiya Digital Marketing Services


At a glance, Babusiya offers the ultimate solution for enhancing your online presence in this digital era.

Whether you have an established business or just an idea, you can embark on your journey within the Babusiya environment. You can leverage either the Babusiya Portal or opt for the comprehensive Babusiya Digital Marketing Services.

Feel free to contact us without any hesitation; our consultations are entirely FREE.


Babusiya is a B2B portal that provides users with the facility to list their businesses, share their products, and search for related businesses in their database on their platform.

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