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What to do if your Business Domain Name is taken

In this digital age, running a business successfully is a part of the struggle. You need to develop a reliable business name, design the business cards, start with the paperwork, and promote it. 

However, when you have finally chosen your business goals and plans, given the perfect company name, and are itch to promote your brand, you first need to enable it over digital platforms to gain potential customers.

But, launching the business name digitally isn’t that easy. You need to choose the right domain name for your business. However, sometimes the domain name that you are selecting for your business might be taken by some other business. And, commonly, your business domain name is taken because according to research, the number of domain registrations worldwide has surpassed more than 329.3 million (according to blogs) 

There could be multiple reasons behind your chosen domain name is already taken which include, some businesses using it for a website, or they just liked it, hence wanting to claim it. This situation can arise with both small-scale and large-scale businesses, hence there is no need to panic. You can comfortably purchase the domain name from its current user. Moreover, if your business name is already trademarked, then you need to buy another domain. On the other hand, if the business name is not trademarked, then there are plenty of ways that you can utilize it. 

Ways to implement if your chosen business name domain is taken

Use .net, .org, .biz, or .info

If you have chosen the most common business name i.e. .com, it’s likely to be taken by some other business with the common name too. Hence, select its substitute and multiple other domain names are available in the market. You can comfortably define your business domain name with .net, .biz, .info, or .org. However, you need to be very careful about using some different suffixes with the .com name if you are eager to take this domain name only. It will lead you to get the domain name, but could also place you in a legal battle if your website and other businesses’ websites get confused with the customers. 

Change the domain name slightly

Your chosen business domain name is not available because it might be taken by other businesses. However, still, if you are still looking to get the same domain name, then you can slightly change the name prefix or suffix of the business name and then try to search domain name accordingly. If you are not ready to do so, then you can also do some minor variations to ensure that the domain gets accepted by the server. Sometimes, changing the name slightly might affect the trademark infringement, hence make sure to make some minor variations such as number or hyphen. 

Buying the name 

Like other properties, the business domain name can also be brought, sold, and auctioned. Moreover, if the business domain name you are looking for has been taken and is used successfully by other businesses with actively maintained websites, there are very limited chances that the owner will sell the domain name to you. Moreover, you can buy the business domain names in multiple ways which includes looking in the online classified, contracting the domain name owner and making the offer, making the bid on multiple auction websites, and going through online domain name broker. 

Asserting rights if you own the trademark

If your business domain name is taken and you want to use the same domain name for your business, then there must be some dispute. As per the trademark law, the first person who uses the trademark for the set of products or services is considered to be the owner of the same. Hence, if you are a trademark holder and want to challenge the domain name use, then you can decide on the strategy for going after the registrant. 

Get the local domain with a ccTLD

If you are eager to get the business domain name with .com and are unavailable with your business name, then the .com extension is considered to be globally acceptable. This domain name is also renowned across the world and very popular in multiple countries like the UK and India. ccTLD is one such domain extension that is not only popular but also very safe. These codes are said to be the country code top-level domain and are widely more popular than the .com domain. Such as .in for India, .de for Germany, and many more, you can use this type of domain name rather than .com. 

Get the customized niche domain ending

Apart from getting the generic domain names for your businesses, you can also customize your business domain name as per the specific community, business, or interest you are serving. You may choose domain names ending with .aero, .coop, .travel, and much more as per your preference. All these customized domain names will help you in saying more about your business. With that, you can include the keywords as per your business to increase its search rankings. 

There are also many platforms to buy expired domain

  1. Godaddy auctions
  4. Flippa
  5. FreshDrop
  6. Expired Domains
  7. DomCop
  8. Namecheap Domains
  9. Dynadot

With this blog, we have derived the conclusion that even if your business domain name is taken by some other business catering to similar products and services, you don’t need to panic. Because there are multiple options available stated above, you can even customize the domain name as per your geographical area. However, whatever domain name you want to take, ensure that you need to own your business trademark. 

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