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Perl Backend Developer - 1 jobs


We are looking for people who are good in Perl in developing server side applications. The candidate should have experience of 4-5 years and should have good idea of wide range of backend technologies eg: SQL Databases, Object Stores, Caches, Message Queues (AMPQ) , REST API development. Please note: this is a pure back-end role and not a "fullstack" role. The candidate must be well versed in Perl syntax and language. This is a "hands-on" role and you need to code/develop product rather than manage developers.

Typical Job Tasks

  • To do database design fulfilling the business logic of applications.
  • To create design APIs and implement the the same using modern technologies.
  • Research libraries and re-usable modules for usage in implementing functionalities in CPAN.
  • Interact with testing team for resolution of bugs.


  • Very strong Perl skills and knowledge of usage of various CPAN modules.
  • Perl: DBI, DBIx, strong SQL::Abstract skill, Mojolicious or( Catalyst or Dancer), XML/RPC, OOPs concepts (Moose/non-Moose), IPC, Logging (Log4Perl), Profiling, Exception handling
  • Very strong knowledge of perl datastructures and ability to map business information to appropriate programming datastructures in an efficient way.
  • Good Idea of SQL Database modeling and creating complex queries. Idea of normalization of database and complex joins is a must.
  • Good knowledge of distributed programming like Service Oriented Architectures using technologies like REST APIs, XML/RPC Api, SOAP Api.
  • Knowledge of API technologies and tools like Swagger/ OpenAPI / Postman / GraphQL etc.
  • Work experience with version control system git is a must.
  • Experience in linux is a must. Understanding of OS concepts like processes, permissions, filesystems, (r)syslog(ng), Networking, DNS etc is required. Experience with git is also a must, we use git / gitlab work flow.
  • The person should be good in mathematics, data structures and algorithms.
  • The candidate is supposed to have high ethical standards. We expect at the least people should do what they say/commit.

Expected Educational Backgroud

  • B.Tech/M.Techs from institutes of good repute having consistent records.
  • MCA from good institutions having consistent performance in core subjects related to computing like data structures, algorithms.
  • For people who are very good in coding and logic above criteria is relaxed.

Expected Industry Experience and Background

  • 4-5 years in Perl Based Technologies.


Immediate joining is preferred. There is already projects to be worked upon.

  • Location:

    Delhi, India

  • Department:

    IT Department | Development

  • Employment type:


  • Experience:

    4-5 Year