Welcome to Babusiya!

A message from our Founder

One fine morning over the first sip of tea, Sirsendu and Piyali weaved together a dream. By the time they finished their ceremonial morning tea session, they already conceived the brand. The brainstorm gestation delivered the child named Babusiya.

It was a customary onset of an extraordinary journey that followed afterwards. Both of them are well versed in what they do. They realised a great potential in the industry and something bugged them because there was not a sense of responsibility and within that void, they found a great opportunity.

Babusiya is a movement of creative excellence, a celebration of a commonplace idea of two founders that paves a path to an extraordinary journey of creativity, passion and hard work.

Babusiya is the brainchild of Mr. Sirsendu Banerjee and his wife Mrs. Piyali Benerjee
Mr. Sirsendu Banerjee & Mrs. Piyali Banerjee, Founder, Babusiya