Payment And Refund Policy



The acceptance agreement states that once you have paid the fees for the services, you agree to our Payment and Refund Policy, indicating that our Payment and Refund Policy is a part of our formal Terms & Conditions with our clients.



We offer a variety of services to our clients such as Website Designing & Development, SEO, Product Promotion, Paid Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and others. We follow different charges for different services and all these charges are defined by our sales team either through our marketing collaterals or verbally to our clients. Sometimes, these charges are defined by the Management through proper communication. We provide a formal contract and consequently depending on the time span of services, we provide detailed monthly or fortnightly invoices and receipt of our services.



We cannot commence the work until an advance fee mentioned in the contract is paid. Pausing or cancelling service(s) due to non-payment does not void any balance owed to Rateviewer Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and all balances must be paid in full before any service can be renewed.


Client Review

We offer unlimited opportunities to review your services such as the appearance of the website, development, content placement & quality, and marketing collaterals before going live. Once live, you can modify, re-design, additional content development, custom development, custom graphics etc. However, you may be charged an additional fee for all those aforementioned changes.


Renewal Charges

Renewal charges may vary from service to service. These renewal charges are mentioned in the formal contract. No service is automatically renewed prior to renewal. It is will be notified to clients and package prices may increase in value over the term.



Rateviewer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. reserves the full right to cancel/edit/deny if the content sent to us is deemed inappropriate, offensive or against laws. We have a zero-tolerance policy against pornography, illegal drugs, firearms, racial & gender discrimination, violence and child abuse content. No refund or credit will be granted in this case.

  • All though we do not have any refund policy, still 18% GST amount is refundable in case the cancellation is asked within 180 days from the date of purchase.
  • 30% service charge on the basic value will be deducted by the company.
  • In case the refund is asked by a client then the amount would be subject to GST and Service Charge. Post calculation of the same we will reimburse the amount within 15 working days.
  • A refund application should be sent to our registered email id.
  • A client can request a refund but once the products go live then the refund is not mandatory.
  • In case of any abuse online or offline Rate Viewer Technologies is not going to refund any amount and can take the matter to a court of law. The same goes for any maligning activity on social media platforms.
  • The final refundable amount will be decided by the company.
  • The delivery of the product(website, domain, banner, logo etc.) is subject to the volume of expected work.
  • The client is completely responsible for the items bought.
  • Share the credentials of payment only if you are completely in agreement with our privacy terms. Rate Viewer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. does not indulge in sharing your personal credentials with any third party.