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Babusiya is a B2B networking platform that provides users with the facility to list their businesses, share their products within the community, and search for products and businesses in their Business Search Engine platform.

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How it works?

BABUSIYA is a contemporary concept and leverages technology to connect various sections of the society with focus on people. To do this it touches the broad spheres of economic and social activities as below.

The Individual

The Individual

People with skills that make a difference, e.g. housewives, home bakers, painters, musicians, karate teacher, dancers, individual professional, Talented tutors (education or extracurricular), skilled workers, job seekers etc… you can share videos, testimonials, pictures, reach more people and expand as a business Internationally. Everyone can download the app and start using!

The Small Business Man (B2C)

The Small Business Man (B2C)

B2C marketing is an important factor in the success of any business offering consumer-based services or products. Fast moving consumer goods like groceries and goods, fashion store, car-hire service, drug store, restaurant, software firm, kirana shops, resort and hotel, etc. Everyone can download the app and start from this platform!

The Large Setup (B2B)

The Large Setup (B2B)

This segment is dedicated to the Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, wholesalers and distributors who deal with Large section of online Business from Local Market, Domestic Markets and International Market. We offer complete business to business (B2B) solution. Everyone can download the app and start from this platform!

The Communities

The Communities

Human is a social being, who likes to take part in all meaningful and progressive engagements. We offer a very unique platform for local networking, Clubs for running their membership offers. All across the world people can be part of the community they like. Everyone can download the app and start from this platform!

The Specialized Groups

The Specialized Groups

Homeopathy and Ayurveda both are amazing and internationally acclaimed medical remedies without side effects. Homeopathy Doctors, Ayurvedic practitioners who are based globally, can now be a part of this amazing networking platform. This will benefit a large number of individuals who are looking to have an alternative beside expensive medical treatment. Everyone can download the app and start using the platform!

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